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Our mission is to increase the number of women in the UK (& beyond) involved in tech industries such as: web, mobile, programming, design, UX & UI. We especially want to inspire women to start businesses, get better jobs, increase their skills & not feel isolated!



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Web Heroines is a website and not-for-profit cooperative that formed out of concern for the lack of women in IT. Based out of the UK, they’ve done tons of research and came to the conclusion that women find the tech industry both nerdy and masculine (duh). They also heard stories of discrimination and got the overall feeling that women in tech felt isolated. Later it came to their attention that it wasn’t only IT that was lacking ladies, so their mission evolved to include increasing the number of women in industries such as web, mobile, programming, design, UX and UI.

Instead of ranting about the topic, Web Heroines set out to create an online community where women could post information about their current projects, get feedback, and find potential collaborators and startup partners. The site is still underway, but scheduled to launch late September. It will serve as a great tool to everyone on the web, as they are planning to offer free online workshops (starring experts on topics voted on by the community) and podcasts featuring positive female role models in the land of nerdery.

They also plan to run a blog which will address, highlight and seek out gender discrimination issues surrounding women in tech. Topics will be open to the public for discussion and debate via social media, so log on and sign up if you want to be informed when they launch in September.

“Sometimes us ladies just want to chat to other ladies about our careers, things we like and to hear inspiring stories. This is a space for women to connect, listen and share.” — webheroines.com

As a woman of the web, it’s extremely exciting to see a site with this kind of focus come to life. Not only will it encourage and inspire women, but also serve as a great source of web and tech information to everyone.

Victoria Pater


When: 12th August 2011



We are looking for interviewees for our first series of podcasts. If you love digital & love talking about it drop us a line
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