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Our mission is to increase the number of women in the UK (& beyond) involved in tech industries such as: web, mobile, programming, design, UX & UI. We especially want to inspire women to start businesses, get better jobs, increase their skills & not feel isolated!



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About us

Sometimes us ladies just want to chat to other ladies about our careers, things we like and to hear inspiring stories. This is a space for women to connect, listen and share.

Web Heroines started life in November 2010 as a group of women (and men) concerned about the lack of women in web design, programming, mobile, gaming, graphics and other nifty digital roles. We drank a lot of tea and had some cucumber sandwiches before deciding to officially form in July 2011.

Our mission is to inspire, engage and inform women showing how bloomin' marvelous the digital world can be. We're also building our showcase for the spiffing work women are doing all over the world as well as recording super interviews with women at all levels of career and age, telling their stories and parting with their hard earned wisdom.

We're inspired by the women of World War II who farmed acres of land, brought up families single handed and took on male roles in engineering and factory work whilst the men went off to war. Before long, women made up one third of the total workforce in the metal and chemical industries, as well as in ship-building and vehicle manufacture. But these skilled women were still paid less than their unskilled male counterparts. This was clearly not acceptable so in 1943 women working at the Rolls Royce factory in Glasgow went on strike. They were pelted with rotten eggs and tomatoes but won part-victory by increasing their pay to that of a semi-skilled male. Crazy isn't it but this still happens today! In fact a recent article in the Guardian newspaper claims women won't receive equal pay for at least another 98 years! http://gu.com/p/3xhbj/tw.


We're not out to segregate women nor will we turn away the chaps. We're certainly not blaming men for anything, we don't see that as a positive way forward. We welcome frank discussion and debate. We want to hear every opinion and view point. We set up our LinkedIn group so everyone could spark conversation and collaboration Web Heroines LinkedIn Group. We're also busy as bees writing important articles addressing discrimination not to mention some useful tutorials and advarticles (advice articles).


We love getting letters, telegrams and emails. If you want to get involved or just have a natter drop us a line.



We are looking for interviewees for our first series of podcasts. If you love digital & love talking about it drop us a line
Web Heroines are a not-for-profit co-operative based in Norwich UK.
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