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17th January 2012

 Please note all times are GMT London UK time zone.




9:45 am



Introduction by the Web Heroines Team


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10:00 am

Rebekah LockDesign Workshop - with Rebekah Lock
Learn how to work up ideas from concept to creation and how this tradtional process and core value can be brought into action in everyday design.



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Evgenia-grinbloEthnographic User Experience - Evgenia Grinblo
User experience is important in every project but what if there isn't have enough time, money, or experience in qualitative research for data-driven UX? Talking live from Israel, Jenny takes us through practical interviewing methods for projects with a time or budget constraint. She will talk about planning, carrying out, and analyzing interview data for the purpose of constructing personas early in the design process.



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Katie-MajorsmlestSecond Shift Designer - Katie Major
Being a designer is hard enough but to be a successful designer that takes something really special. Let’s face it; it’s rough out there! People are losing their jobs left and right so how do you bring home the bacon and still not sell your soul as a graphic designer? It’s tough, but it’s possible! Believe me, I’ve been on both sides of the fence and faced some big obstacles but there is always hope and it’s never too late to start a thriving freelance career! I’ll share some of my successes and failures and how I got through them. Get ready to drink some coffee and burn the midnight oil because you’re about to become a second shift designer.


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Annette-PriestAnnette Priest - Mobile User Experience - Talk
In this session get tips, best practices and processes for designing and developing for mobile experience.



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Google+ hangout
Join us for a natter on the days events, meet delegates and swap notes. If you're not on Google+ sign up here. You'll need a webcam to fully interact but if you just have audio that's ok too. Up to 6 people per session only, otherwise it just gets noisy.



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