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16th January 2012

 Please note all times are GMT London UK time zone.




9:45 am



Introduction by the Web Heroines Team


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10:00 am

Rachel Andrew - Launching a Product
Rachel Andrew is a prolific developer, author and speaker. In this session Rachel will share what she's learnt developing Perch, a lightweight content management system and how to move away from running a service-based business to launching a product.



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naomi-atkinsonNaomi Atkinson - Videocast
Keri talks with Naomi in this pre-recorded interview about all things design and her passion for mobile and the web.




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julie-howellJulie Howell - The Power of One
Does the revelation that 7 billion people live on earth make you feel insignificant?
According to a BBC calculation, Julie Howell is the 77,907,129,710th person to have lived on earth since history began.
Far from feeling inconsequential, Julie is using ‘the power of 1’ to make a positive difference in the lives of many thousands of people around the world.
“It never crossed my mind that I might not be able to do something that would have a positive impact on the many, rather than the few; my only questions: what will it be and how soon will it happen? Now in my 40s, I’m pleased to say the fearlessness and relentlessness of my younger self continue to both terrify and inspire me.”

In this session Julie asks you to ask yourself, do you have the courage to use the power of 1 to make a positive difference?


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Jen MyersJen Myers- Getting to Know Sass and Compass - Workshop
CSS is one of the most powerful tools a designer has, but it’s even easier and more powerful to use with the help of an extension like Sass. We’ll go over all the basics of Sass – installation, syntax, features – and then explore how to use Sass with Compass, an authoring framework which makes available even more features and helpers. By the end of it, you’ll probably never want to go back to plain CSS again. Note: we’ll be using systems that require Ruby installed on your computer and some familiarity using the terminal command line.



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Google+ hangout
Join us for a natter on the days events, meet delegates and swap notes. If you're not on Google+ sign up here. You'll need a webcam to fully interact but if you just have audio that's ok too. Up to 6 people per session only, otherwise it just gets noisy.



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