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Liz Bishop- Web Heroines Profile

Yep we've decided it's time to run a series of profiles on amazing women working in tech and design. We're starting with our very own Liz Bishop. She's media co-ordinator for our little team as well as being super mum.

Liz Bishop

Liz Bishop

Liz's work comes from a natural, instinctive eye for a picture which is fuelled by her interest in the whole creative process of taking pictures, the results of which combine her love of fine art and social portraiture. Within the last 10 years Liz's love of photography has seen her work develop from a passion as a keen amateur, through practise and training, to a professional capacity. As well as being a Member of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photography, she has 3 years’ experience in Events photography (she'll be photographing the whole conference for us too). She lives in a rural part of Norfolk with her fantastic husband and children. Liz says "my family are both my inspiration and my motivation an endless source of joy and photographs!".


Ubelly sponsor the Emerge Conference


We are super delighted to announce Ubelly, the unofficial official Microsoft blog for developers and designers, are sponsoring our inaugural Emerge Mini-Conference. We're big fans of Ubelly ourselves having met the awesome team behind the blog at a Joomla! conference this year. Posts on their website include: design trends, coverage of all the best conferences and interviews with some of the greatest talent in the design/tech industry. Check out the website on, follow them on Twitter @ubelly  or subscribe to their RSS feed for web dev news.


.net mention our Emerge mini-conference

OK so it's only a little mention but check us out in .net Magazine this month sporting our Emerge mini-conference. If this is the first you've heard of the conference, gee whizz you're in for a treat. Check out the schedule for more info on Day One, Day Two and Day Three



Tell us about your projects

As the build up to our Emerge Mini-Conference continues we're meeting more and more women working on super design and tech projects like Evgenia Grinblo. An Emerge speaker and Web Heroines friend who is building a mobile app to warn victims of sexual abuse about explicit or harmful content in films. We've also met Marija Zaric who lives and works in Serbia as a web designer. Marija makes super HTML 5 templates and gives them away for free on her website We're looking to feature these projects in a showcase later this year as part of the Web Heroines ongoing mission to encourage and inspire women into design and tech. We're building a members area and online showcase. We'd love to feature your project too.


oo la la we're in Design Week

Design Week is one of our favourite publications, we're excited to featured on their blog complete with mugshots. Take a look...Sisters Doing it for Themselves

design week

Goody bag designs

Just been designing the goody bags for the conference and thought i'd share a few. Still undecided. Think I might do a few more.


Traditional style with ribbon handles



Panel Debate- Have your say

We are making major preparations for the panel debate session of the conference and it's eye opening as well as buzzing and constructive. We want to make sure we cover the successful projects women are working on now or have in the pipeline as well as talk about the issues we face. In my research over a year ago before I formed Web Heroines I came across various statistics - The percentage of women employed as IT professionals has declined from 22% in 2001 to just 18% in 2010. Full time male IT & Telecoms professionals earn 13% more than their female equivalents and females account for just 9% of those taking Computing A-Levels, with this proportion having steadily fallen over the last five years (Source e-skills Technology Insights Report). When we hear statistics like these is it any wonder more women aren't going into the industry! Is the education system at fault? What is the image of the design/tech sector?

Keri - Founder Web Heroines


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